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It was 1969 when the butcher Pierino Mutti (known in the valleys under the name of Marten), father of the current owner Ennio, decided to buy an old delicatessen and put his experience into practice by producing salami for his shop located in the small fraction of Sarezzano (Località Baracca) in the province of Alessandria. The favorable position near the Ligurian and Lombard borders, near Monte Giarolo, the mountain to which we owe the name of our Salame, allows our sausages to assimilate the aromas and flavors of an extraordinary territory.

The winds of Liguria, the Lombard Apennines and the Piedmontese land make our Salame Nobile del Giarolo something unique and unmistakable.

Salame Nobile del Giarolo has always been and still is the flagship of the company.

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In the photo Mutti Ennio, president of the "Salame Nobile del Giarolo" consortium and current owner of the company


In 1988 the sale of fresh beef was introduced, obtaining an excellent result.

The cattle slaughtered in its own slaughterhouse come from local farms and are of prestigious breeds such as Piemontese and Garronese.

The same ones that are used for the production of our superior quality salami.

Furthermore, since 1984, we have been qualified suppliers of the best restaurants and farmhouses in the area.

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Come and visit us at our shop, in addition to our Salame Nobile del Giarolo and our fine Italian meats, you will also find many typical products of the area such as: Sarezzano and Garbagna honey, Montebore cheese, Timorasso wine, Ottofile corn flour and much more.


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8.30-12.30 15.00-19.30


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